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Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in Tibetan Mastiffs. If you are thinking of acquiring a Tibetan Mastiff puppy from me, that process begins by completing this questionnaire. Every buyer must submit a copy of their current drivers license.

This questionaire is important to us as two dogs we loved died at very young ages in the possession of a midwest high volume "AKC SHOW BREEDER". I do not know the cause but this same breeder sold a dog without his owner's knowledge or permission. The AKC was looking for the dog because he was thought to be the sire of a litter whose sire was listed incorrectly. We do not want this to happen again and are taking every precaution to prevent it.

West Magic believes in honesty, integrity, and transparency and expects the same from anybody seeking a West Magic puppy. As such we stand by our puppies and will make every effort to work with our buyers when and if needed. West Magic has a list of breeders that it's puppies may never be sold to or bred to in our contract because we are so commited to these character qualities. West Magic is commited to making "things right" when or if the need. West Magic is also not in the "business" of breeding for the show ring or recognition and that is why we have developed our "not sell to or breed to" list. We have seen what a group of AKC breeders have been doing to the dogs for money and recognition and will deligently pursue anybody who breaks this part of our contract. West Magic does not breed yearly and carefully evaluates breeding when and if they happen. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

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When are you planning to add a puppy to your family?

Do you currently own a Tibetan Mastiff? If so, who is the breeder?

Do you know and or have met someone with a Tibetan Mastiff?

Is your yard fenced and what height is the fence?

Have you contacted any other Tibetan Mastiff breeders? If so, who?

Name and Contact Information for your veterinarian.

How long have you been using this veterinarian?

Do you have other pets? If so, what are they and how old are they?

What other pets have you or other family members owned or
cared for and where are they now?

Would you object to crate training your puppy?

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Are your pets at liberty in your home or yard in your absence?
If not, how long would they be left unattended daily?

Are you planning on breeding?

Do you have children living in your home? If so, what are their ages?

Is your entire household in agreement about the new addition?

Tibetan Mastiffs can create problems with their barking if not brought
inside at night. Can you provide a garage or a place in your
home where your dog may sleep at night or you are not at home?

Who takes care of your pets when you are away from home? Tibetan
Mastiffs are not the type of pet you can allow any stranger to care for.

Tibetan Mastiffs are very intelligent dogs and they learn habits
both good and bad at a young age and are very stubborn. Do you have
time to patiently work with your puppy while he is young,
knowing that it will take at least two
years for early maturation?

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Will you agree to promptly contact me with any problems?

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Why have you chosen to own a Tibetan Mastiff?

Are you sure that you will be able to provide a permanent home? We
ask that you ask questions about the breed before making a decision
to adopt one of our dogs. We are here not to sell you a puppy; but
to make sure you understand what to expect from your Tibetan Mastiff.
Tibetan Mastiffs are not for everyone and are not like a Golden Retriever.

Under what circumstances would you envision yourself giving up a pet?

By checking the "yes" you certify that you are the person you have identified yourself as and the information you have provided is true.

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You understand that West Magic's contract requires you to read, agree, and sign to never sell your puppy to a pet store, pet broker, AKC large volume corporate puppy mill, or place your puppy in a shelter without contacting West Magic first? You must also agree that your West Magic puppy may never be transferred, given to, or sold to anyone without the express written agreements of West Magic. West Magic has a list of breeders it requires that it's puppies may never to sold to or bred to. Are you willing to sign a contract agreeing to this?

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